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Posted by: George Wendt, IAAI-CFI (IP Logged)
Date: August 18, 2014 07:43AM

Job Title: Fire Investigator
Job ID: 814548
Location: VA-Richmond
Available Openings: 1

To conduct in-depth investigations on all fires and explosions referred to the Travelers Investigative Services Fire Team by internal business partners. To work in a national fire program with key business partners on issues of origin and cause investigations.

Primarily responsible to conduct investigations, based on evidence, science and industry-accepted investigative practices, to accurately determine origin, cause and responsibility, on all fire and explosion claims referred by business partners to the Fire Team.

Select, direct and manage all aspects of the fire scene investigation, to include all experts, vendors or any other related resources.

Assist legal counsel with litigation management, including development of legal strategies.

Recognize and develop a plan of action to investigate fire claims as they relate to subrogation, fraud and incendiary events.

Coordinate technical findings with other SIU units and business partners throughout the Travelers enterprise.

Identify, document, collect and preserve all evidence, while maintaining the proper chain of custody, related to the determination of the origin and cause of the fire or explosion.

When required, provide written technical reports based on evidence, science and industry-accepted investigative practices.

Assist Regional Manager in the implementation of business objectives in the operation of the Fire Team.

Assist and consult with management with the identification and analysis of training needs.

Participate in various industry and related business functions to maintain awareness of issues and trends as they relate to fire issues. Provide primary technical support, as subject matter expert, to Claim/ Subrogation Center as it relates to fire losses.

Establish and maintain a working relationship with key business partners.

Ability to plan and present all aspects of fire related training to business partners.

Establish and maintain a liaison with Federal/State and local fire service and law enforcement agencies and organizations.
Active participation within local and national industry related organizations.

Work generally involves occupational risks associated with the common hazards of fire scene environments.

Applicant should have a minimum of Bachelors degree in related subject matter.

Applicant must have a minimum of 10 years of fire and explosion investigation experience or the equivalent fire scene investigative exposure.

Applicant must demonstrate a working knowledge of NFPA 921, “Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations”.

Applicant must meet the minimum requirements as defined in NFPA 1033, “Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator”.

Applicant must have an understanding specific state law, other protocols and regulations governing this discipline.

Applicant must demonstrate the ability to provide expert testimony in a legal proceeding (i.e.; Arbitration, Deposition, Grand Jury and or trial) and provide consultation with business partners.

Applicant should have a working knowledge of insurance workflows, terminology, claim process and major product lines or departments (e.g., Personal Insurance, Commercial Insurance, General Liability, Subrogation, Litigation).

Applicant must demonstrate up to date knowledge and experience with the latest advances in technology and job-related software applications to aid investigations.

Applicant must demonstrate willingness for continuing education and training to keep up to date knowledge of industry trends, personal skills and expertise.

Applicant must possess strong analytical and problem solving skills.

Applicant must be self-motivated and willing to work independently.

Applicant must take ownership of assigned inventory.

Applicant must have strong communication (Verbal & Written) skills necessary to communicate their opinions and findings.

Applicant should have a minimum requirement of Certified Fire Investigator (IAAI) or Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator (NAFI).

Applicant must maintain fire related certifications.

Incumbents who fill this position will be subject to periodic post-hire criminal background checks while Employed in this position. As a condition of acceptance for the position, selected candidates for this position will be required to electronically accept the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Disclosure Statement and Authorization included in the online employment application. You may also be subsequently asked to accept similar FCRA authorizations periodically throughout your employment with the Company.

Must be able to carry, set up and climb a ladder weighing approximately 40-45 pounds with a safety weight rating
of up to 300 pounds (safety weight rating is the amount of weight the ladder can safely carry and includes weight
of the individual and up to 16 pounds of standard equipment).

Must be able to climb ladders and stairs and transition to and from ladders or stairs in order to access building
roof areas and upper or lower floors within a customer site.

Have the ability to navigate through customer sites in a safe manner, which may include manufacturing areas, warehouses, storage yards, construction sites, etc. which may present surfaces that are uneven, wet, icy, and somewhat unstable or covered with debris.

Be capable of moving / lifting heavy objects usually weighing around 45 pounds, but could weigh up to 60 pounds.

Have the ability to navigate within a customer facility in low light or relatively dark conditions.

Be capable of making regular and prompt travel over extended distances by air or vehicle while demonstrating effective planning, expense and cost control skills. (Weekend work is sometime necessary)

Must be able to work under exposure to extreme outdoor/indoor conditions (heat, snow, cold, rain etc.)


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