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Please note that is not associated, endorsed, or supported by the IAAI, Albanese Consulting or "".

So what is this about?

Here is the story: Between 1996 and 2001 our company offered hosting of message boards and back then someone ordered a forum called IAAI. Later this forum was renamed to "Fire and Arson Investigations Forum" to make clear that it was not officially endorsed or supported by the "International Asssociation of Arson Investigators".

Back in 2001 our business focus shifted to a new area and we discontinued to offer forum solutions. All existing forums were either closed, we continued to host them on a non paying (i.e. sponsored by us) basis. Recently we were contacted by the person who had initially ordered the forum and were asked to assist in the transfer of the board to a new provider.

With our best intentions we complied and made both the forum software as well as the MySQL database dump with all messages available. Once the move was finished we set up a redirection from the old URL to the new URL to make this as smooth as possible.

However, the resulting effect is a tremendous dissatisfaction of the forum members as the lively discussions on the new board have shown in the last couple of days.

Legally there is no binding contract between the old forum owner and us, or the new company which runs the new board. The domain belongs to our company and what we do with it is solely in our discretion. As far as the messages in the old message board are concerned: They belong to the entire community. And we don't mind the little extra traffic that the forum generates on our server. Therefore our company invites all interested parties to continue the discussions in the old forum as it was. Or any other place you see fit. The choice is yours.

With best regards,
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